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I am an actress, a theater maker and the artistic director of número cinco.

Currently based in Lisboa, I lived and studied theatre in Lisboa, Madrid, Paris and New York.

In 2019, I created the theatre platform número cinco, during my master in Theater Practices at ArtEZ  (Netherlands). 

número cinco is part of a personal research on the Autonomy of the Actor. It is through it that I intend to continue my practice, meet other artists, travel and develop projects as a theater maker and actress.

Interests me the possibility of a continuous practice, understanding and exploring the relationship between peers, and in the concepts of responsibility and authorship in my work as an actress.

As an actress, I work in theatre, television and cinema.

In addition to my practice in theater and influenced by my research in Autonomy, I have embraced the DIY world for some time now. I make soaps, perfume, beauty and  cleaning products as needed. 

I was born in Lisboa.

Maria Joao Falcao's website

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