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On Invitation is an experiment about the relationship between Actress and Audience.

I am inviting  the Audience to reflect about our roles. Under the umbrella of autonomy, I am proposing a negotiation, a conversation about the authorship and the responsibility we both have in what is being presented.

I am inviting the Audience to play their role.

Created during the Master of Theatre Practices as part of my research about the Autonomy of the Actor, On Invitation is the first theatre project of número cinco.

This performance is recommended for a maximum of 20 audience members.

project, creation and performance Maria João Falcão

mentors prof. Pedro Manuel, prof. João da Silva, prof.ª Eugénia Vasques and prof. Erik Hagoort

support Fundação GDA, Pólo Cultural das Gaivotas | Boavista/ Loja Lisboa Cultura, ArtEZ.

thanks João Simões, Ana Falcão, Maria Dulce Falcão de Carvalho, Carlos Manuel Gonçalves, my MTP cohort, (special thanks to Flora and my landlord, Conrad), Bernardo Souto, Marcos André, Paula Walta; Mafalda Sebastião, the team of Polo Cultural das Gaivotas|Boavista, Água no Bico, Ricardo Madeira, Casa do Artista, the friends who attended my audience experiments, answered my interview questions and everyone who replied my emails about the Autonomy of the Actor.


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