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These interviews were a new approach to my research. Meeting the other.
Following an advice from my mentor, prof. João da Silva, I started to talk with other actors. Nor only to understand what they were doing, but in order to understand the relevance of my research in the Portuguese artistic context.

With these interviews, I wanted to understand how actors see their work and their own practice. 

The questionnaire is the same for all the interviewees. It started with the first 9 questions. I added #10, 11, and 12, as my research kept developing.


My intention was never to transcribe the answers to the interviews, but to present the results statistically. I was interested in understanding the relevance of the gender, the generation, belonging to a theatre group or being a free lancer could have in the answers that are given.

I keep interviewing actors. I invite any actor to reply my questions.

answers  (soon). 

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